Friday, March 9, 2012

Make a Difference Today - STOP Joseph Kony

OK, here's the starting point for me doing my bit to make this happen - for you who haven't been paying attention Joseph Kony is the self-agrandizing SOB in central Africa who's leading a forced army of child soldiers and HE'S NOT FIGHTING ...FOR ANYTHING MEANINGFUL just his own continued deviant ambitions. His so called Lord's Resistance Army visits the most horrendous acts of violence on innocent civilians routinely and he's been doing it for OVER TWENTY YEARS.

What's different? Jason Russell and a group of determined activists have been spreading the word about his atrocities for some time now but Jason's video has gone viral this week in the virtual world of Facebook & the blogosphere. Here is the link. Watch it. It is very well done for a relative amateur and he makes the point without gratuitous horror. After you've watched it, I strongly urge you to support the campaign. You will hear about whiners and arm chair activists who are complaining about the amount of money spent making film, traveling, and showing film - DUH!! It's a global campaign to make this guy public pariah #1. THAT'S HOW YOU DO THAT!!

Anyway, watch it and pass it on. Thanks for your caring, but most of all thanks for being there and being YOU!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Like What You See In The World? BE THE CHANGE!!

My People - Are you happy with the world as you see it today? I have your reading assignment and I do not make it lightly. "With each sector reporting out the overwhelming challenges we were each facing from this perfect storm, we sought to... discern together what we were each to do. One glaring conclusion was that we had our ladders up against the wrong wall in a most dramatic way. With the global economy the dominant world institution, we all assumed that the environment was a subset of the global economy. In fact, the opposite is true. Common sense dictates that, since we are all supported physically by the earth’s air, water and soil, the global economy is actually a subset of the environment. Further, we realized, there is no way we 6 billion+ people can all get down from one ladder, get across the room and get up the other ladder without massive disruption. The transition is not going to be easy and will take every one of us to our limits…and probably past them! All we can do is each take personal responsibility for our lives and our families and start taking care of home….which is literally our own watershed. We each have to help create a ‘local, living economy’ wherever we live." This is an excerpt from "Trojan Horse of Love" by Susan Davis. It is freely available for download at ( If you care about nothing more than your family, or you care about the whole of humanity in the coming times, get and read this. All you women in my network, get and read this. EVERYONE, get and read this. It is critically important. When you get done, or before you get done, pass it on, to EVERYONE.

Thanks for reading this, and have a great day!!