Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama-Nation is an Abominition...

It's not like no one else has noticed (thank god!) but for those of you still think Jerome Corsi has something meaningful to say - get a life, grow up, and stop forfeiting your intelligence to fringe elements. If fact checking were a requirement in modern literature, Obama-Nation wouldn't be a book, and Jerome Corsi wouldn't be considered an author. Despite what any of you may feel about John Kerry, the swiftboat debacle was a reprehensible act in any light and Obama-Nation is another attempt at the same. The only recognition needed here is that Simon & Schuster, the otherwise quality publishers of books, has wanted to figure out a way to collect some of the vast sums of money burning holes in the pockets of the unwashed heathen and that is regularly collected by tel-evangelists and the National Enquirer (you know, "Expiring minds want to know!"). Well they've done it, by owning a small side publisher, where editorial control is accomplished by someone with the scruples of the average dump rat, the literary selectivity of a goat, and as greedy as the S&S CFO. Congratulations S&S, you can now get rich the same way the "robber-barons" of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century did, by exploiting this country's ignorant, misguided poor to your own personal benefit. Has anyone stopped and taken a close look at our internationally vaunted market economy lately to see how much of it rests on exactly that premise??

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