Thursday, August 26, 2010

4YEARS.GO. - A Call To Action

I am part of a consortium working to change the global mindset about critical issues facing us and the impact our response to those issues will have on human life for the next thousand years. That consortium is called 4YEARS. GO. From our current newsletter -

FOUR YEARS. GO. is an evolutionary conversation that asks us to change our way of relating to one another and our planet, to take responsibility for our actions and in so doing shift our civilization to a regenerative path that reverses the impact our modern industrial society is having upon the natural world and societies around the world. It asks us to use this window of opportunity of four years, ending in 2014, to redirect ourselves and begin turning toward a sustainable, just and fulfilling way of living on the planet. It is a transformative conversation, since it changes the context we live in and makes new distinctions for what is possible. It is a conversation that gives us hope because it asks us to come together and act collectively to create the world that we see as possible.

“We can change things! So let’s do it!
And, let’s do it in four years!!”

FOUR YEARS. GO. is a call to action, to do those things we know will make a difference, to use all of our collective resources to usher in this new world. It is a call to each of us to ask, “What can I do?” and then begin to take action. It is a call to businesses to work together in common interest, using the power of their organizations to channel ideas, people and capital to make a difference. It is a call to NGO’s to collaborate and expand their impact in bringing about social change. It is a call to educational institutions to develop and train us in ways that are pertinent to this massive global change. It is a call to all faith-based communities to be responsible for the care of all life. It is a call to political leaders to mobilize the resources and pass the laws that will create the climate that supports a sustainable global culture. It is a call to the financial institutions to fund and invest in this massive cultural and economic shift.

Aside from the fact that we are "alerted" to the issues in question on an almost daily basis, albeit a disconnected and fractured alert, we get caught up in our daily lives and say "I can't do THAT!! That would take {Select - time, money, focus, activity, etc.} that I don't have!!"

The fact is that that kind of thinking is your OLD mental wiring talking. The "Why I can't" or "How it won't work" thinking. The impossibility thinking. What we need to make our world a better place is POSSIBILITY thinking - the thinking that says (Sorry, I know it's hugely cliche at this point) "Yes, We Can!!" President Obama didn't invent that phrase he just gave it new meaning. Now we have the chance to give it even more meaning because ultimately, our collective effectiveness and prosperity relies entirely and exclusively upon each and everyone of us believing, first about ourselves, and then about everything we touch, Yes, We Can!! Our collected attitudes and actions ARE the Light Side of the Force. Ultimately you know this - and it scares you! Don't let it - your creative subconscious will TRY to keep you in your comfort zone. Get outside of it. Almost nothing truly momentous in human history has been accomplished inside a comfort zone. As a wise man once said - "one cannot reach new lands without being willing to loose sight of the shore for a period of time."

Join Us!! All are welcome and all have ways to make a difference. To borrow another worn but useful phrase - Stop Me Now And Ask Me How!! I can be contacted at the email link here or you can go to and take part in the conversation.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

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