Friday, July 15, 2011

The SHIFT, Conscious Evolution, and You...

When we talk about the Shift in our world, it's easy for it to feel abstract and not particularly connected to our daily lives. However, it's an intimate and personal process that begins with you and people like us around the world linking into a potent transformational community.

We build momentum first as thousands and then millions of people begin to act as their own activation point for the larger Shift. And we create a ripple effect that resonates around the world as we each embody a new level of consciousness.

We become our own broadcast station, sending out signals to our family, friends and communities that a new, peaceful, loving and creative humanity IS possible. We serve as divine emissaries -- building bridges, healing wounds, evolving organizations and harmonizing troubled situations. And we all activate the Shift in millions of ways -- small, large, quiet, outward and everything in between.

Many of you feel called to be one of these activation points, and the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training has been created just for you, with the next cycle beginning August 9th.

It's a 12-week journey of powerful openings, insights and awakenings all designed for you to become an activation point for the Shift - first in your own being, then through creating synergistic relationships and community, and, finally, in serving the world's most pressing needs.

Among our 825 recent ACE graduates, there's a powerful and palpable sense that they have shifted the ground of their being, unleashing more joy, love, creativity and community than ever before. They have become nodes of light around the world - anchor points for a new pattern to come into being.

Are you also called to be an activation point for the Shift?

If so, you'll want to join this extraordinary global community of pioneers who have received the new evolutionary "codes" offered by Barbara Marx Hubbard, learned the skills of becoming a change agent, and joined our vibrant evolutionary community that is committed to being of soulful service in the years ahead.

If you've been wondering how to respond to a system and life process that are progressively more unsustainable, this course can be the answer for finding a new way and starting you on it. Come join us!!

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