Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Time of The Metamorphosis Is Upon Us

The time of the metamorphosis is upon us. Just as the imaginal cells of the caterpillar are present from Day One of the caterpillar's life, the caterpillar's sense of normal includes the immune system trying to kill them because they are "foreign" cells... which indeed they are. They are the blueprints and active agents of change for the butterfly yet to come. They continue to multiply, the immune system fights them even harder, but if the immune system were to succeed it would mean the end of that life prematurely. Instead, the imaginal cells ultimately reach a point where they overwhelm the immune system of the caterpillar and the time of metamorphosis begins... with the result that we all know.

We here, and in every respect that is talking about this, are the imaginal cells of humanity's metamorphosis. If you don't see the "activity" that you think is necessary, you might want to consider that what you see as the lack of action and the lack of "solutions" in this kind of space is entirely appropriate. How much "action" could you actually see here? Those of us who are being the most powerful imaginal cells that we can be are much more "solution" aka metamorphosis aka butterfly oriented than to sit around "telling stories". We're busy making it happen! If you want to experience my story than come join me doing what I am doing to affect the change.

You have a front row seat to a remarkable time in human history - the creation and reinforcement of a global morphic field through THESE conversations that is driving and building the momentum of the imaginal cells (us) out in the working world on a day in day out basis. You are watching a very real transition, a metamorphosis, from the selfish human to the selfless human, a very real function of conscious evolution. When we talk about problems it helps each of us achieve greater alignment with others who are working the same or similar problems, a significant part of sustaining that morphic field.

I, for one, am not interested in hearing "success" stories or telling them, because we are not done yet. As imaginal cells our work is just starting. There is a rather large chunk of what I think will be terribly tough times ahead of us that is pretty typical of metamorphosis. We are talking about a complete and total transformation of human society as we now know it. We will be changed too. Some of us will not make it to the "promised land". How would the caterpillar tell success stories about the butterfly's emergence? It wouldn't - because the caterpillar must be completely gone for that to happen. Does the caterpillar see that as success? Probably not... but as an imaginal cell of humanity I am committed to the human butterfly's emergence.

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