Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Ultimate Accomplishment of Predatory Industrial Capitalism

If you spend more than five minutes thinking about it, you will recognize the ultimate accomplishment of predatory industrial capitalism. In the old days predators had to wait patiently around the edges of the herd for the weak, the old, the young, or the careless to make themselves available. By breaking down our community structures, our family structures, and our other natural support structures and by convincing us of the critical scarcity (a Madison Avenue ploy to increase sales of the endless supply of goods) of everything we hold near and dear, "we the people" have been reduced to a milling mob of helpless individuals who lack any faith in themselves and their world, who are convinced of their inability to fend for themselves, and who are all prey for the oligarchic system. Congratulations, the ENTIRE herd is now available to the predators! 

This is the challenge of our time - can the large majority of society cast OFF the mantle of insecurity and timidity that have been bred in over the last 100 years and STAND for themselves and community again? The ULTIMATE weakness of mankind is the vulnerability of individuality and it's strength is now, and has always been, deliberately chosen community. The opposite? Divide and conquer. Our forefathers understood this. It was the primary reason for the "United we stand, Divided we fall" concept of UNITED STATES. Unfortunately, we have preserved the union of states but lost vast amounts of the union of meaningful community, neighborhood, and family to the marketing and divisiveness of predatory industrial capitalism. 

American cities are huge human CAFOs (normally - Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, but in this case - Concentrated American Fleecing Operations). Humans are, after all the best domesticated stock, because they are smart enough to self-herd, self-feed, and self-motivate, and stupid enough to think predatory industrial capitalism is good idea, to think they're too smart to be "suckered", and they allow themselves to be fleeced routinely. Have you never noticed the way you are allowed to earn just enough to keep you "happy", "harvested" regularly to keep you from developing real awareness, and kept busy with a veritable cornucopia of entertainment so that you are blinded to the reality - that you are a herd animal and "they" own you. I believe the question was "How do you control "the masses"? - I believe that Latin answer was "panem et circensus"...

It's time to wake up and smell the ammonia ...

The Smokemaster

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