Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prometheus Project - What, How, & Why

I am completely committed to finding and assembling the right pieces and parts to create the consummate low cost, high impact collective action platform that will be both a dashboard for Spaceship Earth and a power train for collective change as and when needed. I call this effort Prometheus Project and the intention is to create a process that allows all the citizens of the earth to exercise a degree of democracy that defines and manages the well being of everything from Earth down to them individually, without the need for yet another layer of governmental hierarchy, especially given how poorly the bulk of them in existence today actually perform.

The encompassing environment, the noosphere, will consist of a network of networks, constituted by a massive number of mini-KINS, KINS Networks, evolutionary circles, and other small engaged groups or even energized individuals, that provide an ongoing substructure of activity, and information flow, both to and from each other and the later described fusion center for small group actions, project collaboration, collective larger group action, and sharing the vision. 

This network of networks will interact with a Planetary All-Source Fusion Center (PASFC) that is linked to what Barbara Marx Hubbard would call (in the context of SynCons) a synergy engine. This is best described as a process (see the diagram - Critical Global Parametric Data Warehouse) that gathers a comprehensive set of data about the state of the world by enhanced and expended measures of value, synthesizes analyses of this mass data collection process, and makes the results available via the PASFC, using flexible functions such as data mashups to display dynamic data changes as they are occurring and allowing a continuous monitoring Crisis Team to evaluate the critical dysfunctions that require larger collective action.The core element of this is already taking shape as an element of GEO and GEO-BON.

When various criteria of social/environmental, or planetary function, exceed certain thresholds of reality or functionality, one or more CCA (Collective Corrective Action) Synergizers (much evolved SynCons), or something like it, becomes the engine for concerted analysis, planning, and action (out of that much heightened, broader, and evolved state of social and functional awareness enabled by KINS and similar group structures). The output of these CCA (Collective Corrective Action) Synergizers would be targeted at specific issues using massive coordinated action to change the carefully evaluated dysfunctional dynamic to a healthy state.

It is this kind of “pure” democratic process, supported and enhanced with technology, that points the way to a new non-governmental, non-minority controlled process of getting things done in a timely and effective fashion for the best benefit of all – it brings into reach truly “outcome based” processes that MUST take into account all the constituents of a given issue. The incentives for outcome based business, outcome based education, outcome based social policy, outcome based everything are massive when the measure of success and forward progress measure the well being of all things, the reality check is NOT a bank check, and the ultimate measure of success is the comprehensive outcomes. I see this as the NEXT level of evolutionary opportunity beyond the relatively crude and uncoordinated functions of ad-hoc networks put together on the spur of the moment to achieve these ends today, using whatever is functionally available and socially engaged, ranging from Facebook, and twitter to email and ripple relay announcements (#occupy :-).

What I’m talking about is promoting and facilitating the emergence of a new social structure focused on, and emphasizing, our ability to function collectively (a key function of our viability in the “new viable” of the breakpoint evolutionary change we are facing on the planet) that enables and empowers all citizens through heart centered, high values, energized, local networks where people come together to evaluate issues, make decisions, and take action collectively. The small group process provides the steady feed of information, awareness, and connectedness that overcomes the basic inadequacies of the rest of the current social process (failures of public education, divide & conquer process of social structure, Madison Avenue marketing, and resulting fractured democracy, etc.) where no matter what the situation is and no matter how well informed the people are (which is frequently horribly inadequate) they find themselves scrambling to acquire and meld the right information to make coherent well informed decisions, if they even get THAT far. As a matter of point they rarely get that far. THIS is where I see the direct capacity of our species to immediately take action that reflects a profoundly changed, aka “evolved”, state of living - with ourselves, each other, and the planet.  At some point out in the future humanity may move beyond the need for the enabling technology but it’s a structure that can work on many levels with or without enabling technology. 

If we can accomplish what I’m talking about in the next two years we can DEFINITIVELY say that we have set humanity on a new course that WILL result in a world that is socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling – rather quickly. We don’t need to get our current manifestation of governance on board. This IS simply taking back the ground that was allotted to us by our founding fathers from the special interests and corporations that have lied, cheated, and stolen their way to prominence in the control structure today. We return to a state where the people coordinate and TELL their elected representatives what needs to be done and hold them accountable for doing it. It presents what I consider the opening opportunity to profoundly restructure society to BE functional and effective in a truly democratic way.  If there is a basis for conscious evolution in our lifetime I believe this is it. Succeeding generations may move well beyond this but THIS, this is achievable in a big way RIGHT NOW. We’ve wasted enough time talking.  If not us WHO? If not now, WHEN?

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