Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heroes, Stopping The Critical Destruction of Our Planet, and Being The Change!

Sooo... I'm cruising along working on a PBIO assignment in the middle of the night and a friend from Crete (Thomas) pops in on the LinkedIn discussion that I started and says
" Friends, we have an information standard which is sufficient to make decisions. We have to raise the energetic input by acting. It is hardly imaginable, that a society will change without adaptable actions it can copy. To our opinion no word is strong enough to challenge the dogma, that only chemical agriculture can feed the world. And there starts the change. At the basic. We have to harmonize food production to learn the effects of participatory biosphere energy systems. We are not alone as we will have the support of a very power full actor. Life. Whos complex functions are yet not very well known. We need light towers of action to be adapted originated as far as possible outside the system order and grow them to new idols.  Without green “heros” it is hardly to imagine, that there are substantial amounts of green followers!"
And I HAD to respond...   
Thomas, while I agree with that basic thought I think it is critical to realize that rarely do heroes emerge from thoughtful planned action. Heroes are usually normal people who rise to the challenge of abnormal circumstances in very specific ways, so in essence, whether you call it "fate" or simply being in the right place at the right time with the right attitude, that's what it takes. It's usually pretty impulsive. I don't get up in the morning and say "I think I'll be a hero today!" (except of course by the simple act of getting up and facing another day on the same planet with Monsanto!)

That said, part of my soul DOES respond to the call for heroic action and I do get up every day with the same willingness to give everything I have for the cause that I had as a military man, only now I REALLY feel the energy and motivation because it's about humanity not just the issues of one nation state or another. I DO have the impulse. I DO spend everyday thinking about what needs to be done and preparing myself to do it in every way that I can, just as I did in my time as a military man. I WILL go in harms way about this!

Only one problem - how to make damn sure that the person who IS at that specific point at that specific time is either ME or somebody with just as much commitment, passion, awareness, courage and overall chutzpah so that the moment isn't lost. There are 7.2 billion other folks out there and there are about 3 million of them who are directly engaged in one or more functional activities related to changing the paradigm, with varying degrees of preparedness for sudden elevation to hero, not counting the pseudo-spiritualists and crystal healers et al. That's really not good odds.

The reason you get heroes on battlefields is because you have a nice concentrated focus of good guys and bad guys. No fuss about "the odds" - just have more chutzpah than the other guy and be willing to go do what no one on their side believes you can or will do. Mark Dubois chained himself to a rock in a hidden location at the waterline to protect the Stanislaus River from the New Melones Dam and Reservoir in California in 1979. He was temporarily successful. Subterfuge and politics won out in the final result. He has spent the rest of his life haunted by that. And he's a LIVING hero. Tough job to recruit for because most heroes die becoming a hero and if you live, the results may not be good enough.

Just my thoughts on heroes and being heroic, but by God I'm ready, Coach, Send Me In!! Tell me which wall their hiding behind and I'll climb back over it and into the fight. What? They're everywhere?? Well, I guess I'll just have to wait until I can see the whites of their eyes... or maybe just be the example I'm trying to be - living the right way, doing the right things, learning more about every facet of the game, building community, talking to everyone I meet, BEING THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE. How many people will do THAT?? If we ALL stepped up to THAT role we'd see a difference tomorrow... many hands make light work.

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