Saturday, November 9, 2013

Root Cause & Human Domestication

The problem is that we cannot have this discussion about conflicting interests and (to quote Gar Alperovitz) "what then must we do?" without first being willing to recognize that the so called conservatives that have been mentioned - not conservative in any meaningful use of the word but conservative in that their capacity for future vision is so limited it cannot encompass their OWN possibilities much less a greater possibility for mankind - are a direct and terrible end product of the selective breeding process incidentally conducted by politico-industrial social engineering (control of living conditions, education, & media) and Madison Avenue (marketing & sales) interests for well over 100 years.

ANY social/physical stratification and brainwashing of the foundationally ignorant in a society WILL result in a dumbing down of the selected populace over a relatively short period of time by what can only be called "unnatural selection". This was the same way that Luther Burbank accomplished what he accomplished with fruit trees and vines - put the characteristics that you want in close proximity to each other, nurture their biological "success" (regardless of whether Nature would have nurtured it), and then facilitate their cross pollination and - voila! - you get hybrid fruit! After a few rounds of such "selective" breeding, you can start crossing them back into each other and get "true breeding" fruit that will stay "as bred" over time.

So... in dealing with the so called conservatives that have been mentioned (but not really discussed) many times in the course of many discussions, we have to recognize that they are quite literally "a breed apart" and are so different in terms of their inculcated values that they might as well be an alien life form. This "fruit", this arm-chair quarterback, this couch potato has been bred to work hard, follow orders, think that they are entitled to a certain amount of "entertainment" (that is dutifully served up by media - for a price!) challenge any who question authority, rationalize and tolerate progressively harder living circumstances, believe in fairy tales and sea stories (the difference between fairy tales and sea stories is that one of them begins with "Once upon a time..." and the other begins with "This is no shit!"), and spend everything they make on the designed obsolescent goods produced by their fellow wage slaves to enrich those who own the largest herds of fiduciary cattle (wage slaves in large groups)*.

*[ Industrial Agricultural Note: Fiduciary chattle and Moron-o sheeple are the most productive animals to keep because they are self-herding - they group up and proceed to their working environments by themselves in the morning, they group up and herd themselves back to their stalls at night, they put up with almost everything they get being taken back by the same industrial capitalists that gave it to them, and they just low or bleet when anyone asks them a meaningful question or challenges their thinking.]

Unfortunately, these folks are still considered people, or more basically "human", and so there is the self-sustaining industrialist belief that they (industrialists) cannot lose because any planned departure from the true breeding "norm" will require the agreement of the "herds" - which will never be forthcoming! It's actually fascinating how many people in my discussions over time have failed to recognize this fundamental issue, and persist in thinking "they" are just like "us"! No, no they aren't - and they WILL KILL you to protect their personal comfort without ANY thought to the future.

As a matter of point, if you took the average beef steer or dairy cow and morphed it into the shape of a human w/ speaking ability, but retained all the other characteristics of livestock, you'd have something not much different from many of our fellow "citizens" ( I use the term loosely!). That is, quite literally, how different they are. The same things that have been bred out of earlier versions of cattle to make them MORE domestic and more docile have been bred out of the majority of our society over the last 100 years FOR THE SAME REASON.

This is diametrically opposed to the intent of the "founding fathers" in the institution of public education and the focus on a liberal arts education, but notice how far off THOSE rails we've gotten! Education now is to prepare people for obedient servitude in the ranks of wage slavery, not free thinking, self determination. How would THAT benefit industrial capitalists"? It wouldn't! This is exactly what I'm referring to when I talk about the citizens (back when they were) being seduced by the materialism of the "new" industrial age" - and you'll please notice that keeping that appearance "new" is a vital component of the industrial marketing complex - keep up that facade at all cost! New, goods, new fashions, new YOU... you're not REAL if you don't have the NEW whatever...when does it stop? What it really comes down to IS the same thing that has also been raised many times in these discussions - change comes from the edges, the margins. Thanks your lucky stars that you still have some "wild" in you, that you're STILL on the edge of the herd!!

So... back to my original quote from Gar Alperovitz "What Then Must We Do?" - which happens to be the title of his new book. Recommended reading!! More to come (bet you couldn't have guessed that :-) on this subject!! Don't move that dial! We'll be back after news and the weather... :-) 

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