Thursday, July 17, 2014

We don't need to DEFINE or DESIGN anything - We need to DO THE DESIGN that already exists!

In the early stages of our cultural shift, I am seeing a lot of people reflecting the question “What should I do?” or reflecting that they are feeling intimidated or scared by this whole coming together – good, empowered, but intimidated. Others are framing the whole coming together and talking and sharing as a good thing but lacking in substance unless we are “doing things” to make this change, this SHIFT, happen.

First we need to agree on some basic "rules of the road" in our current journey to "the light". These are an assortment of blinding flashes of the obvious and other insights that have come to me over the years as immutable "truth".
  • What's supposed to happen does. What's NOT doesn't.
  • What goes around, comes around (Karma is real) 
  • There is no such thing as life balance, because balance is static and life is dynamic.
  • There is life equilibrium, which is dynamic balance
  • In a closed biological system the accumulation of resources is  -
    • a zero sum game (your gain is someone else's loss - definitively)
    • the most serious disturbance of the forces of equilibrium
    • unsustainable
  • Western civilization has been unsustainable almost from the start
 Several significant points need to be recognized:
1) If we do nothing the SHIFT will happen. WE will not be involved in it in the same way, but it will happen. We, none of us, either collectively or individually, control this. The outcome may be different than we would like. That is one of my motivations for being here - to influence as best I can the outcome - to be favorable for humanity. My BEING HERE does that. THat means it qualifies as "doing something".

2) Our Presence and Engagement Here ARE substantial action in, and of, themselves. Whatever else we do,  so much the better. The very fact that we are engaging routinely around conscious evolution and co-creation, coherence and resilience, and that we are here to enable that, IS taking a SERIOUS action step, because we are creating an ever more substantial and sustaining resonant morphic field that flows between us and around us to everyone we connect with, within which the SHIFT will occur in profoundly meaningful ways as a matter of emergence.

3) Expanding on #2, EVERYTHING that we are doing in this resonant field is “doing things” of substance – talking, contemplating, writing poetry, creating blogs, planting a garden, building community, or making presentations to critical decision makers, whatever…it’s all GOOD. We have no master plan that has been handed to us, nor do we have to create one.

4) Just as an engine has operational limits but it is designed, even optimized to do certain things well, so are we... and we have not yet reached our full potential. The SHIFT will bring us an order of magnitude (or two) closer to fulfilling that opportunity... if we can make it successfully. We have an inherent "design" in our nature and being. We cannot change that anymore than the engine can change it's engineering. Whether you chose to see that as "externalized" deified design or the natural design of the universe in 200,000 years of evolution (more actually) is of no matter.

5)That said, we do NOT need to design or define ANYTHING! We just need to DO THE DESIGN that we "are" the best it can be done.

Sometime we get too wrapped up in the issue of "What should we do?" and the answer is always the same "What we SHOULD do!" It is frequently our lack of faith in ourselves that keeps us from doing what we SHOULD do, but rarely a lack of knowing what that is. Sometime the knowing is broad. It is a sense of things rather than a detailed knowledge of things. That's OK. Listen to that small quiet voice that is INSISTENT. Most of our guidance doesn't come with burning bush credentials. The detailed knowledge will come when it is time.

Ultimately, it is about alignment with Source, individually and collectively. That’s the premier benefit of this environment, and this interaction, is to promote and facilitate in each of us the opportunity to better align ourselves, and help others align, with Source, better and more consistently than we would be or do without this. Some of you know Source as God, others have a variety of other names. That’s all good too. Don’t get hung up on the name.

We don't need to DESIGN and DO, we just need to DO THE DESIGN that already exists (in each and everyone of us) to enable and empower our co-creative capacity. We are not creating a new technology here - we are realizing our place in a higher capacity that has always existed. We exist as a group because it was time for this part of the design to emerge, to happen (see Functioning Collectively - my next blog :-) . All of this will take effort, more for some than for others. Rarely is anything just “easy” when it’s your first time doing it. Some have just been “doing” this for somewhat longer already.

Your comments are welcome :-)

Smokemaster John

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